Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

By | February 29, 2012

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It’s raining. It’s pouring… Or possibly it’s snowing. As well as your kids certainly are not snoring.

They’re about to tear the house apart.

So what can you do to channel this bursting-at-the-seems power?

Try these preferred indoor activities for kids who cannot sit down still. An additional bonus: No electronics involved!

Indoor Activity for Kids #1: Indoor Volleyball

Before you begin listing all the lamps within the living room or trying to figure out where you will string up a net, hear me out.

Volleyball is an interior sport – and it can be played in the humblest of living rooms.

The trick is, rather than a golf ball, use…

A balloon!

Balloons don’t crash in to computers or glass figurines. Plus they don’t go very much whenever you bop them. And best of all, they are inexpensive cheap cheap.

And forget the web. This game doesn’t need one. Here’s the way you play:

Acquire one go up (possess some others with regard to spares)

Clear just a little space.

Establish a purchase of who strikes this device up. Everyone hits the balloon up in mid-air when it’s their turn. The task is to not be the one who doesn’t quite get it as it pertains round to you.

You can get modern-day by outlawing kicks or knee bops. Or refuse holds prohibited and just see how well you can keep this device in perform.

My kids are now 11 and 13 and they still like it on a day you need it. Over Thanksgiving they experienced the bag of balloons and played day after day following day! Plus they loved it when they had been tiny. The complete thrill a little tyke finds in bopping a balloon up in mid-air is indescribable.

Indoor Activities For Kids #2: Indoor Obstacle Course

Alright, now this certainly really should not be an indoor activity, you are saying. But hang on.

Rather than focusing on big jumps and operating, focus on precision.

Think crawling under, stepping over and walking from spot to spot.

Throw pillows on the ground and say “don’t contact carpeting, try to obtain from one side of the living room to the additional.” Set up an area where they need to do 5 jumping jacks in position. Even create partnership challenges like going down the hallway performing the wheelbarrow.

(If you don’t understand what the wheelbarrow is… one individual grabs feet of the other person. The person with their feet held up needs to walk forward on their own hands as the body else walks in it keeping their feet – like a wheelbarrow. Just go slow with this and if you’re child isn’t quite dependably strong enough, do this upon carpet so you do not get a big bundle around the chin from a crash landing)

Make it simple. Make use of the whole house. Ask them to recite a couple outlines of poetry as they tromp up the stairs. There are millions of creative variations that you can do with this particular. My children cherished doing this in our somewhat modest single tale ranch. Space was not the issue.

Indoor Activity For Kids #3: Stretching Olympic games

Who says you cannot win a precious metal for touching your own toes?

Actually, this can be a wonderful chance of children to shine who may not be the fastest or even strongest.

Set up Five approximately stretches and choose who will be the assess.

Then, with much ceremony, announce the first round.

Let’s say you do the center split straddle. (Together with your legs straight, allow your legs slip slowly straight in both directions as you support yourself with your hands until your crotch is really as near to the floor as you possibly can) Have everyone go as far down in their straddle split as they possibly can and then the judge can go about and measure how far each individual is from the floor.

Do the same with a touching your toes.

Take a seat on the floor inside a straddle and see how far ahead you can reach together with your hands.

See who can stand the longest in the yoga pose known as the tree. (Stand up straight after which bend 1 leg and put that foot quietly against the standing leg’s knee. Place both hands straight up over your head.)

See who are able to arch their back into the best, curviest bridge.

See who can do the best left-leg forward split and right-leg forward split.

Score every round based on how many contestants you’ve, assigning the highest number for the winner on lower. At the conclusion, tally up all of the points and see who has the most. The state stretchy, rubber band champ!

All too often stretching is left out of the fitness equation. But it’s crucial. This is a fun way to encourage your kids (and you) to operate on your flexibility.

All these three actions are tried and true. My children loved them once they were toddling around… and still love them.

Therefore the next time you’re stuck inside since the weather won’t cooperate, don’t worry about if the sofa will survive or if the actual curtains it’s still hanging. Put these Three indoor activities for kids to dedicate yourself you and enjoy the rainy day.

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